Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be with you once again, for much has changed since we last did a channelling for you and there are a great many more changes in the air; for love and the planet earth now is a serious proposition. There are many changes coming and many new energies coming, and you will be releasing many energies that no longer serve you. You will be stepping closer and closer with each day that goes by in South Africa, not to 2010 and the World cup soccer, but to a new age beginning in 2012. A new age that is based in the energies of love.

There will be powerful hierarchies that begin, and have already begun, to collapse. You can see that in the global banking system, ethics are being called for and ethics will begin to happen. The bankers are here to serve the population by allowing money to flow to where it should flow, and their pockets are partly included in this equation but not to the degree that they think it should. Slowly but surely the governments of the world will begin to contain these men that are living this path of high adventure and not allowing the money and the love from flowing to those who generate it. Where energy is put into some-one’s life then that energy must be received. If for some reason this energy is flowing to where it should not be, things will change and this will cause suffering, pain and hardship.

Out of this hardship the Phoenix will rise, a new energy will come, and energy that will bring more and more ethics into the world of money and the world of banking. Money is necessary on planet earth, gone are the days of barter. There needs to be a freer and easier flow of love and money to let the Divine work be done, and that divine work belongs to those who created the money in the first place. The engineers, the craftsmen, the men that work with their hands, the men that build society and the men that create a stable loving family life and create a special place on this earth for their women and their children. Of course there needs to be social justice and a social world but the energy and the wealth must be more evenly spread and allowed to flow into the hearts of those who have worked for it.

As we help you in rebuilding your energies we begin to plug the holes in your masculine energies for your masculine energies will collapse if adversity is too powerful or overwhelming. Men, who for example, have fought in wars, will not have the same gentle masculine energy that somebody that has come from an enlightened family would have, for men who fight in wars become hardened and brittle. This is not the true nature of masculinity. Masculinity is soft and powerful and holding like the banks of the river, there to guide the feminine.

This series of meditations and channellings is to heal the masculine so that the masculine can hold the flow of the feminine, to allow the feminine to feel safe and secure as it flows. We have to be very careful with the use of “masculine” and “feminine” for in truth there is a masculine and feminine that can flow together, that can merge and create life. Something has to hold these two energies together to allow them to flow and be both guided to where they can both mix and merge and meld together. Where they merge is the second and sacral chakra. And this is where all of creation comes from, whether it is a new car or a new child, it happens in the same place, there is creation and procreation. The stronger your masculine is, the more it can hold your feminine, be you a man or a woman, and it makes no difference. Both men and women create. When we come to the subject of children and imprinting, there is a difference because the mother is meant to be there to look after the child and the father is meant to be there to see that the child and the mother’s needs are met. When the mother’s needs are met then she can give the child the mothering love and energy it needs.


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