Remember that God knows best what is good for your spiritual unfoldment and your ultimate happiness. Each hour, each day, each week that you maintain your inner poise and strength of purpose, brings in time release from your desires. As the light and love of God within your life increases, so that, which formerly hurt you, has no more power. Do not seek for the satisfaction of your desires, nor balm for your self-pity. Be free, and happy in the life God has given you. Then you are well on the road to self-mastery, and to heavenly happiness and regeneration

Put your hand out to God; He will clasp your hand and draw you up…

Again we say, as you strive to remain true to your principles, you will be helped and strengthened in the circumstances of your daily lives…

Every one of the family of God has to endure certain sorrows and pains, but remember humanity also has the gift of enjoyment, the capacity to enjoy life, and beauties of creation. Do not dwell on the endurance side so much as on the enjoyment, the joy which God has given to you, which completely outweighs the periods of stress and times of endurance.

When you are enduring pain and anguish you cry, ‘Will it never end? Is this going on for all eternity?’ We assure you that all things are passing and karma does not endure forever.

When you look on human suffering, whilst you give sympathy, kindness and understanding, do not be dragged down by it. Do not allow your emotions to sweep you along like a piece of straw on the winds. Be still and look into the heart of that blazing Star… remember everything passes, all things change, except God, and God is within you.

White Eagle

bron: Newsflash – White Eagle Lodge -White Brotherhood


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