One of the first and greatest tests on the spiritual path is that of dispassion. The soul is by nature emotional, and easily becomes indignant, upset and hurt by trifling things. But the soul must learn to keep its equilibrium and not get unduly upset. Do not fly into a rage because something does not please you or because someone has hurt you; do not give way to depression, but endeavor to attain and maintain an even and still vibration.


Many other subtle lessons come to test and try the aspirants on the path. We are tested for fear. We are also tested for discrimination, whether we can discriminate between the false and the true, and many of us fall at that hurdle. We do not truly understand what good and evil are. But these lessons have to be learned. If you come up against a certain experience which you would do anything to escape from or alter, and if the lesson proves hard to bear, then go through with a patient and steady spirit, knowing that it is perhaps karma which has to be endured. Remember also that you are reconciling a past debt. And more than this, you are being given an opportunity to learn the lesson of dispassion. However difficult, that experience will be worth-while….

And if you can truly feel that the gentle, humble Spirit of the Son is walking by your side, your hand in his, you cannot fail.

White Eagle

bron: The White Eagle Lodge – White Brotherhood


  1. Kan dit ook in het nederlands?
    Ik ben heel erg geïnteresseerd in het werk van White Eagle maar het Engels is moeilijk voor mij.
    Dank je wel voor deze mooie site. Ik ben niet meer een van de jongste maar ben erg dankbaar
    Dat ik dit nog allemaal mag Lezen op mijn IPad . Heel veel liefs Ria

  2. Hier staat geschreven dat de ziel emotioneel is enz
    volgens mij is de ziel onvoorwaardelijke liefde is en dat de persoonlijkheid juist emoties heeft enz
    vriendelijke groet


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